Apple Releases Final Version Of iChat AV 2.1

After an extended beta period, Apple has released the final version of iChat AV 2.1. iChat AV lets users send instant messages using the AIM protocol, but also allows users to perform a voice or video chat. The new version offically adds support for videoconferencing with users of AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 for Windows. From Apple:

About iChat AV
Reach more of your friends and family than ever. iChat AV 2.1 lets you conference with both the Mac and PC users in your life. Who will you chat with? Perhaps you will read bedtime stories to your grandchildren without concern for long distance charges. Or check in with home base from a hotel when you?re away on business. The possibilities are limitless.

What?s New
Adds support for video conferencing with the AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 for Microsoft Windows.

You can get more information about iChat AV 2.1 from Appleis Web site. iChat AV 2.1 requires OS X 10.3, and is available from Software Update and Appleis site. It is a 4.9MB download.