Apple Releases Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7

Apple announced Wednesday new versions of Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7, its music creation and audio production software applications.

Logic Pro 7 includes new software instruments such as Sculpture, a component-modeling based synthesizer, UltraBeat, an innovative and powerful drum machine, and new plug-ins including Guitar Amp Pro, a full-featured guitar amplifier simulator.

Logic Pro 7 includes distributed audio processing, a new technology which allows audio pros to network an unlimited number of Macs to expand available Digital Signal Processing (DSP) power.

Logic Pro 7 has a suggested retail price of US$999 and is available now. Registered users of Logic Pro 6 as well as Logic Platinum, Logic Gold 5 or Logic Gold 6 can upgrade to Logic Pro 7 for $299.

Logic Express 7 will be available in October for a .