Apple Releases Official OS X Software Compatibility List

With somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 OS X Beta users, Apple has decided to release an "official" list of OS X optimized, and Classic compatible software applications. While the Classic list is not comprehensive, it does give a run down of the major applications and whether or not they play nice with Betais Classic environment. According to Apple:

Weive just posted the official lists of Mac OS X Classic products and Mac OS X Optimized products.

Mac OS X Classic products are defined as those products tested by Apple to meet minimum compatibility standards while operating under the Classic environment of Mac OS X, now available in Public Beta version. Our newly posted Mac OS X Classic list currently contains descriptions for over 90 products, with more being added all the time.

Our Mac OS X Optimized list contains information on 70 products written to take advantage of Mac OS X, now available in Public Beta version. Best of all, weill be adding new products to the list on an regular basis.

The links for these two lists are as follows:

You can find more information about Mac OS X at the Apple web site.