Apple Releases Very Long, In-Depth PDF Of Power Mac G5 Specifications

Hungry for as much Power Mac G5 data as possible while you wait for your shiny, perforated new toy to arrive this August? Did you find Appleis Power Mac G5 Technical Specifications page woefully inadequate? Boy, do we have the perfect thing for you, which we found thanks to our friends at

Apple has released an absolutely massive 94 page, 1.8MB PDF detailing what appears to be every single possible chip, port, slot, bus, fan, drive, component, and mechanism put into Appleis new machine. An excerpt from the PDF:

This developer note describes the all new 64-bit Power Mac G5 computer. The note provides information about the internal design of the computer, its input-output and expansion capabilities, and issues affecting compatibility.

This developer note is intended to help hardware and software developers design products that are compatible with the Macintosh products described here. If you are not already familiar with Macintosh computers or if you would simply like additional technical information, refer to Appendix A, "Supplemental Reference Documents" (page 77), for additional information.


The information is arranged in four chapters and two appendixes:

  • Chapter 1, "Introduction" (page 11), gives a summary of the features of the Power Mac G5 computer, describes the physical appearance of the enclosure, and lists compatibility issues of interest to developers.

  • Chapter 2, "Architecture" (page 21), describes the internal organization of the computer. It includes a functional block diagram and descriptions of the main components on the logic board.

  • Chapter 3, "Input and Output Devices" (page 35), describes the built-in I/Odevices and the external I/O ports.

  • Chapter 4, "Expansion" (page 69), describes the expansion slots on the logic board and provides specifications for the expansion modules.

  • Appendix A, "Supplemental Reference Documents" (page 77), provides sources of additional information about the technologies used in the Power Mac G5 computer.

  • Appendix B, "Conventions and Abbreviations" (page 85), lists standard units of measure and other abbreviations used in this developer note.

There is so much more information in the full document, we couldnit begin to cover it in detail. You can download the full 1.8MB PDF from Appleis Developer site.