Apple Releases iTunes 4.6, Adds Support For AirPort Express, AirTunes

iTunes 4.6, previously mentioned as the version required for AirPort Express and AirTunes, has been released by Apple. According to Apple, the update adds AirPort Express and AirTunes support, as well as various minor fixes. The brief note from Software Update:

Includes support for playing your music wirelessly using AirPort Express with AirTunes. It also includes a number of other minor enhancements.

We donit yet know what the "other enhancements" are, but AirTunes is effectively included within iTunes 4.6, as is illustrated by this screen grab and description from Appleis Web site:

AirPort Express works with iTunes to make listening to your iTunes music library through your home stereo or powered speakers not only a possibility but a snap. Whether your stereo or powered speakers are located in your living room, bedroom or basement, just plug it or them into the audio port on the AirPort Express Base Station using an audio cable. iTunes automatically detects the connection. When you open iTunes on your AirPort-equipped Mac or Wi-Fi-compliant PC, youill see a popup list at the bottom right of the iTunes window showing your remote speakers. Select it, click play and your stereo becomes the worldis greatest digital jukebox.

You can read more about AirTunes at Appleis Web site. AirPort Express is expected to ship in July.

iTunes 4.6 weighs in at 8.4MB, and is available from both Software Update and Appleis Apple Downloads page. iTunes 4.6 requires OS X 10.1.5 or later, but OS X 10.3.4 is required in order to make use of AirTunes and AirPort Express.