Apple Retail Stores Making Major Contribution

Appleis retails stores have been making a major contribution to Appleis revenues since 2005, according to ifoAppleStore. While the retail stores showed a loss for their first seven quarters since opening in 2001, they are now growing in revenues and profits.

When Apple opened its first retail stores in 2001, they were widely criticized for their expected losses. And they did show a loss for almost two years.

However, a chart of the Apple retail storesi contribution since they opened shows that not only are they profitable, but their contribution to Appleis overall revenue is growing dramatically, especially since 2005. Moreover, when Apple has a seasonal spike in sales, typically their first fiscal quarter (the Oct-Dec holiday quarter), the retail stores also show a magnified contribution.

In the latest quarter reported, the Apple retail stores contributed US$184M to Appleis profits.

The Apple retail stores have proven to be not only a friendly retail outlet, but also a community for Apple customers to share information, attend educational sessions, and get help from their local Genius Bar. Of course, having products that people are willing to stand in line for helps.