Apple Seeks Switcher Stories

Know a PC user whois switched to Mac and has a good story to tell? Apple Computer is once again looking for converts to tell their tales and has set up an online Web site to record and share their accounts.

In an effort to spur ideas, the company asks, "What made you get a Mac instead of a PC. Did you fall in love with your iPod and then buy a Mac? Were you looking for a computer thatis more stable and secure than your old PC?" Apple also asks about peopleis feeling on switching from Windows, what primary things do PC switchers do on their Macs, and "what can you do on your Mac that you couldn?t do on a PC?"

Of interest, Apple also wants to know the brand of Windows-based PC the user is giving up and what Mac they are now using.

Apple is posting many of the chronicles from PC switchers for others to read. One story reveals how a new Mac user fell "in love" with their 14-inch iBook and iPod.

"Your dedication, love, and beauty you put into all your products is nothing short of amazing," P.S. wrote. "The transition between the two platforms was flawless...Every time I look at them I just am amazed. They are works of art. Thank you for making just amazing breathtaking products. I didn?t think it was possible to fall in love with inanimate objects, but I did? Thank you."

A scan of all the stories posted so far show none from Mac mini users.

Speculation by some is that Apple is seeking accounts from PC users for a new marketing campaign similar to one that ran beginning in 2002. Apple has given no indication that it is about to launch such a campaign. An Apple spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.