Apple Sells PowerSchool to Pearson [Updated]

Pearson has agreed to acquire the PowerSchool division from Apple Computer according to a report from Reuters. The deal terms were not disclosed, but Pearson does plan to develop iPod compatible content for students and teachers.

Pearson will develop a series of podcasts for educators that cover topics like professional development and working with students that are having difficulty learning. Students will be able to load study guides for Pearson texts on their iPod and listen to review notes that help them prepare for exams.

Pearson is the worldis largest educational publisher, and is known for many of its popular publishing imprints, including Addison-Wesley Professional, Adobe Press, and Peachpit Press.

PowerSchool is an educational management system that provides real time student performance feedback to teachers, parents, and students. Apple purchased PowerSchool in 2001 for US$62 million in stock.

The combined PowerSchool software and podcast service will retain the PowerSchool name, and will be run by the companyis current president, Mary McCaffrey.

Apple says that even though it is spinning off the PowerSchool division to Pearson, it is still dedicated to the education market. John Couch, Appleis vice president of Education commented "Appleis commitment to education has never been stronger, which is why weire excited to broaden our relationship with Pearson."

[This article has been updated with additional information about the PowerSchool aquisition.]