Apple Seminar Aimed At Workstation Crowd

Apple is sponsoring a seminar which will be of interest to developers and scientific professionals. The seminar, called "Porting to Mac OS X- Your New UNIX Desktop", is aimed at those who currently use UNIX as their operating desktop of choice. The seminar explains how easy it is for UNIX pros to use OS X in their daily activities; from managing and acquiring data, to the creation of documentation and presentations to fast application development. This from Apple:

Raw power: Scientific applications require it. Scientific professionals demand it. Typically, this requires expensive, high-end UNIX workstations and software to manage the acquisition, analysis and visualization of science data. A separate, low-end system is then required to handle publication, presentation, and productivity applications all with PC interoperability--until now. Apple, a leader in hardware, software and productivity integration, now provides the ideal solution for research professionals who want to run mission-critical applications as well as mainstream productivity applications on the same desktop. With Mac OS X, Apple combines the ease-of-use of a Mac with the legendary robustness of UNIX to create a single platform to elegantly run both kinds of applications. Truly the power of one.

The seminar features live demonstrations of leading edge tools including Absoftis Pro Fortran and Borlandis J Builder 5 Professional.

For information about dates and locations, stop by Appleis webpage. Also, for information about other seminars, check out Appleis Seminars & Events webpage.