Apple Starts iTunes Web Link Program in Europe; Offers 4% Commission

Apple Computer launched an iTunes Affiliates Program in Europe Wednesday, allowing users to make a 4% commission on music sales through links on Web sites to the iTunes Music Store (iTMS).

The free program allows users in Europe to place links on their Web site to the iTMS. Users can link to songs, albums, artists, audiobooks and more.

Those interested can sign up through their associated countries Apple online site between now and the end of June. Those interested will then be contacted by TradeDoubler Network, a European Internet provider. The e-mail will contain a username and password once each affiliate is approved. Once an affiliate approves a Terms of service agreement, he or she will receive information on starting the program.

Affiliates will be provided with banners and text links to iTMS content, as well as access to the iTunes RSS feeds. Users can a iTunes Link Maker to create direct links to any song, artist, album or audiobook on iTunes and create links to iMixes and iTunes Essentials.

Apple is reserving the right to refuse any site that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions. Affiliates cannot sell or offers samples of music through their site directly. Commissions will be paid monthly if they exceed ?30 or more. If your referral amount is less than ?30, a credit will be carried forward and a bank transfer issued when your site achieves the minimum amount.

Apple offers an almost identical plan in the U.S., which began in September of last year. The U.S. program offers a 5% commission.