Apple Store For Business Offers PowerBook & PowerMac Bundles

Appleis Hot Deals page for the Apple Store for Business has several new bundle deals on new Macs. Covering the 12", 15", and 17" PowerBooks, as well as the PowerMac line, each bundle includes more RAM, larger drives, a bundled version of Office v.X, and other add-ons. The portable bundles include Brenthaven shoulder bags, while the PowerMac bundles include displays.

Most of the savings for each offer are found in the US$199 price on Office v.X that Apple and Microsoft have been offering of late, but the bundles put together for the Apple Store for Businessi Hot Deals page include convenient custom configurations on the hardware for business customers.

The portable bundles start at US$2646, while the PowerMac bundles start at US$2497.

To get the bundles, or to find more information on them, visit Appleis Hot Deals page for the Apple Store for Business, where each of the various bundles being offered is listed. Click on the bundle you want, walk through the next page, where you essentially choose the bundle again (note that there are bundles available for the Xserve and iMac on that page as well), and customize your machine as needed. When you click the "Continue" button, you will be taken to a new page at the Apple Store that includes the special offer for Office v.X pre-chosen.