Apple Store Takes a Shot at Vista

Apple Inc. launched an aggressive ad campaign against Microsoftis new Windows Vista operating system, and now that is carrying over to the companyis online store. Visitors to Appleis Web-based store front are greeted with a banner stating "Go beyond Vista. Itis time to get a Mac."

Appleis ultimate PC upgrade.

The banner links to a special part of the online Apple store designed to help Windows users pick the best Mac for them, and also offers tips for making the transition from Windows to Mac OS X.

Appleis anti-Vista marketing campaign points out flaws and short comings in the new Windows operating system - one of which is that a substantial number of PCs need significant upgrades before they are Vista compatible. Since many consumers are opting for a new computer instead of upgrading an older one, Apple is attempting to capitalize on that by raising awareness of the Macintosh and Mac OS X as a viable alternative.