Apple Strikes Back Against Suing Company With Its Own Patent Infringement Suit

Apple has filed a lawsuit against hand-held scanner maker Unova, Inc., alleging that the company is using technology that is covered under six Apple patents without permission. The lawsuit comes after Unova filed lawsuits with Apple, Fujitsu, Gateway, and other laptop manufacturers over a "smart battery" patent. That patent involves memory monitoring technology, and Unova has collected over US$150 million from PC manufacturers that have settled with the company.

The Bloomberg article doesnit make it clear what the patents in question are in Appleis suit, but mentions that Apple is trying to prevent Unova from selling products that rely on what Apple says are its innovations. From Bloomberg:

Unovais Intermec unit is using the patented technology in software and scanners that are hand-held or mounted on vehicles and used by delivery people or warehouse workers, Apple claims. The suit seeks to bar Unova and Intermec from selling machines and software that rely on Appleis innovations, including those related to data transmission and the voltage on circuit boards.

Appleis suit is the latest chapter in a fight over technology between the two companies. Unova sued Apple and other computer makers last May, claiming infringement of a patented invention to monitor use and recharging of portable computer batteries. Unova has collected at least $150 million in legal settlements from laptop makers over the "smart battery" patent.

"It appears to be a tactical response by Apple, filed in response to our lawsuit against them in 2002 for infringement of Unovais smart battery patents," Unova spokesman David Brooks said. Unova sued Apple, Fujitsu Ltd., Gateway Inc. and other computer makers in federal court in Los Angeles over the battery technology.

Lynn Fox, a spokeswoman for Cupertino, California-based Apple, declined to comment on the disputes with Unova. Appleis lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware.

You can read the full article at Bloombergis Web site.