Apple Takes The iPod To Bose, Back To Circuit City

Apple announced new retailing agreements with Bose and Circuit City today, the day before the Macworld CreativePro feature presentation by Greg Joswiak. The new retailing agreements are limited to the iPod, with Bose having a chain of audio-equipment retail stores, while Circuit City is a general electronics store. The retailing agreement will place 15 GB and 30 GB iPod units in Boseis outlets, while Circuit City will carry the full line of 10 GB, 15 GB, and 30 GB units.

Apple has had many retailing agreements with Circuit City through the years -- the most recent began in July of 2000 and ended in the Spring of 2002 -- though each has ended as either Apple or Circuit City backed out at various times. This marks the first retailing agreement between Apple and Bose that places Apple products in Bose outlets. From the press release:

Apple® today announced that iPod™, its phenomenally popular portable digital music player, will be available in August at Bose and Circuit City retail locations nationwide, as well as The third generation iPods, which hold up to 7,500 songs in a stunning enclosure that’s lighter and thinner than two CDs in their cases, will be sold in all Bose retail stores and Circuit City Superstores.

"Bose and Circuit City are great additions to a lineup of retailers that have helped get over one million iPods into customers’ hands," said Tim Cook, Appleis executive vice president of Worldwide Sales and Operations. "With our new iPods flying off the shelves, we are thrilled to make them available to even more people nationwide."

Bose retail stores will carry the 15GB and 30GB iPod models, and Circuit City will offer all three iPod configurations—10GB, 15GB and 30GB. Consumers can call 1 (800) 444-BOSE or visit to find a Bose retail store near them, and call 1 (800) THE-CITY or use the Store Locator at to find their nearest Circuit City store.

"Bose is driven by research and technology, and our stores showcase the results of that commitment," said Shelley Miller, Bose director of stores. "Offering the iPod to consumers in our stores is the right fit, and complements our vast selection of high-quality audio systems and portable products." 

"Circuit City is excited to incorporate Appleis iPod into our wide selection of digital music players," said Kim Maguire, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Circuit City. "The addition of iPod reflects Circuit Cityis commitment to offering a full range of products with different features and prices to our customers."

You can find more information about the iPod at Appleis Web site. Circuit City and Bose also maintain Web sites.