Apple To Dub First X Release As Mac OS X 10.0

In the C|Net report that we mentioned earlier today, there was one very interesting piece of information that we thought was important. Apple has apparently decided on a naming structure for Mac OS X, but it isnit pretty. The X in Mac OS X is the Roman Numeral for 10, and is pronounced accordingly. Many people have asked and speculated on what the next release would be called. Apple is answering that question by offering a numbering scheme for the first release, and it is... 10.0.

Thatis right, the release of Mac OS X that will hit on March 24th will be called Mac OS X 10.0. For those keeping score at home, that would be pronounced Mac OS Ten Ten Point Oh. According to the C|Net report:

Mac OS X initially will sell for $129 either direct from Apple or at retail. Apple doesnit plan to offer the new operating system on new Macs until summer. The new version, which replaces Mac OS 9.1, is the first major overall of the operating system since its 1984 introduction.

Schiller explained the odd naming convention. "We used the roman numeral because we thought it would be cool and fun," he said. "But officially itis Mac OS X 10.0," Schiller said. The 10.1 release could appear on new machines in the summer.

Check out the full report from C|Net for more information. It is a very good report.