Apple To Webcast 24 Hour Women's Baseball Game AIDS Fundraiser

Apple is going to be webcasting a 24 hour womenis baseball game that is being played as an AIDS fundraiser. The New York Times reports (thanks to our friends at Macworld UK for noticing) that the game will be held in Tucson, Arizona on October 18th-19th. The event is being put together by Rob Novotny, the vice president of American Womenis Baseball. Appleis role in the fundraising event, which is specifically aimed at fighting AIDS in Africa (as well as promoting womenis baseball), is to provide webcasting for the event. From the Times:

Novotny hopes that will change with the National Baseball Hall of Fame agreeing to include in its archives a record of what will most likely be the longest game ever played; Apple computer agreeing to broadcast it over the Internet; and a possible $1 million being raised for U.S. Doctors for Africa. Much of that groupis focus will be on stopping the spread of H.I.V. from mother to child during birth.

Thereis a lot more information on the event in the full story from the New York Times. Note that a free registration is required to read the article.