Apple Touts Victories In The Movie Trailer Production Business With Final Cut Pro

Apple has issued a press release claiming that Final Cut Pro "is becoming the preferred video editing system" in the movie trailer production business. To back this up, Apple touts four production companies that have moved to Final Cut Pro. Apple has been targeting the video editing and DV editing markets aggressively during the last several years, starting with the release of Final Cut Pro itself. Appleis press release:

Apple® today announced that Final Cut Pro® is rapidly becoming the preferred video editing system for companies creating trailers and commercials for Hollywoodis biggest movies. Four of the leading movie trailer companies -- The Cimarron Group, Trailer Park, Aspect Ratio and New Wave Media -- have switched the majority of their editing systems to Final Cut Pro this year, and have used Final Cut Pro to cut trailers for blockbuster movies such as Planet of the Apes, Lord of the Rings and Training Day.

"By replacing our outdated non-linear edit systems with 18 Final Cut Pro suites, we were able to maintain our state-of-the-art technological edge while realizing significant financial savings," said Bob Farina, CEO of The Cimarron Group. "More important, we gained the ability to share media on a compatible platform with our Print and Interactive divisions, saving our clients time and money."

"Weive been working closely with Apple since they first introduced Final Cut Pro," said Tim Nett, CEO of Trailer Park. "Final Cut Pro gives us the audio capabilities we need when working on a movie trailer. We chose it because it gives us a higher quality product for a lot less money."

"As the largest movie trailer marketing firm in the business, our production needs are endless," said Philip Gershwin, manager of information systems at Aspect Ratio. "This year we have moved over 80 percent of our editing suites from Avid systems to Final Cut Pro suites. We made this decision because we love what Final Cut Pro has to offer us for an unbeatable price. This includes an intuitive interface and the flexibility we need to work with all data formats."

"We recently expanded our offline capability with Final Cut Pro bays," said Alan Baral, principal of New Wave Media. "Final Cut Pro offers a lot of power and flexibility for the money. It also permits the use of non-proprietary third-party fiber storage, which means great bandwidth and a huge storage capacity. And, with graphics as integral to movie trailer production as they are, it is a huge bonus that we can assemble graphics while running the software, save spots as QuickTime movies and lay them off to FTP sites, and pull MP3 files for temp music beds."

Apple today also announced Final Cut Pro 3, the industryis first video editing solution to deliver professional-quality, real-time effects without the addition of specialized hardware. Tapping the powerful video processing capabilities of the PowerPC G4 processoris Velocity Engine(TM), the new G4 real-time effects in Final Cut Pro 3 deliver the productivity and creativity of real-time to a much broader audience of video editors.

Apple also announced Final Cut Pro 3 for Classic and Mac OS X this week. You can find more information on Final Cut Pro at Appleis Web site.