Apple Updates The "Hot Deals" Web Site

We received a note from Apple about updates to the companyis Hot Deals section. Appleis Hot Deals is part of the Mac Products Guide that offers information about just about every Mac product on the market. The Hot Deals are special offers from various Mac retailers that are, according to Apple, exclusive to the Hot Deals section itself. Both the J&R and subsections have been reworked with new products. From Apple:

We just updated all the Hot Deals offers from both J&R and in the Macintosh Products Guide. The new offerings provide great pricing on Mac software and peripherals, as well as equally great pricing on products that support the digital hub, such as DV cameras, standard and portable DVD players, digital cameras, and much more.

You can find more information on Appleis Hot Deals, including the J&R and sections, at Appleis Web site.