Apple Upgrades MacBook Air with Larger Storage Options

On Tuesday, Apple announced new storage options for the MacBook Air: a 4,200 RPM, 120 GB hard disk or a 128 GB SSD. The graphics were also upgraded to the NVIDIA 9400M which should run a little cooler than the previous graphics, according to Steve Jobs.

The other specifications for the MacBook Air remain unchanged except for the change to the mini DVi port.

The base model of the MacBook Air remains at US$1799, but provides the larger hard disk, 120 GB. The SSD option up to 128 GB (from 64 GB), adds an extra $500. Both MBA models will be available in November.

When the MacBook Air first launched, many considered the $999 option of a 64 GB SSD to be a very expensive luxury, short on storage. However, the move to a 128 GB SSD for $500 could be a very attractive option for many, many more customers.

For a comparison of how the MacBook Air compares to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Apple has posted a page, "Which MacBook Are You?"