Apple Warns of Dwindling Supplies of iPods, MacBooks

Apple has warned some of its channel partners to load up on their best selling iPods and MacBooks to deal with dwindling factory supplies in August, according to AppleInsider on Wednesday. This may be a prelude to new models.

In addition to dwindling supplies of iPods, Apple advised that they should place MacBook orders sufficient to have a three week supply on hand. Specifically mentioned were MacBooks and 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros. The MacBook Air was not mentioned.

These kinds of notices are typical when Apple is ready to refresh a product line. Estimates have been that these new products will become available in September - which is a little late for the back-to-school season by usual standards. There has been some speculation that Apple may not use Intelis Montevina chipset in some new MacBooks, and that may have delayed the roll out.

Thanks to AppleInsider for the heads up.