Apple Web Site Makeover Limited To U.S.

Along with the introduction of several new Mac OS X 10.5 features, Web 2.0 programming for the iPhone, and Safari 3 for Mac and Windows, Apple rolled out a new look for its Web site - but only in the U.S. The U.S. Apple Web site sports a new black and grey look, while the U.K. site and others around the world are still dressed in the familiar white tabbed look.

The U.S. Apple Web site...

The revised online Apple Store is missing from other countries, too. Outside of the U.S., the older white background and blue tab appearance is still present, and even the Special Deals page that received a make-over in the U.S. recently still sports the old look elsewhere in the world.

...and the same page in the U.K.

Featuring Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.5, on the front of Appleis site isnit a world wide move, either. Appleis Web pages in other countries are highlighting the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Final Cut Studio 2, while the U.K is featuring Get a Mac commercials. Canada, however, while still sporting the old Apple site look, is featuring Leopard on its front page.

Presumably, Apple will eventually update its sites around the world to match the appearance of its U.S. Web look.