Apple iPhone Will Lead to Next Generation Computer UI

Steve Jobs has changed the world one more time. The iPhone multi-touch display, even though the iPhone hasnit shipped, will end up launching the next generation user interface to computers according to a Computerworld commentary published Friday. But, in fact, the revolution is already underway.

The first generation User Interface (UI) was the command line. Apple changed the world the first time with the Macintosh and the Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointer (WIMP) interface. Weive waited 23 years for the next advance, and the iPhone has launched it. Almost certainly, this new UI will migrate to our Macintosh desktops. Even to to the PC.

However, others have not been standing still. Jeff Han recently demonstrated a multi-touch drafting table that suggests the wave of the future: a large screen, a user interface with no icons, two hands in motion and gestures. This demo was fresh out of the research lab, while Appleis iPhone ships as a commercial device in just a few months. The bottom line: everyone is on the same page now.

Thereis no doubt about it. The next generation UI is on the doorstep. Itis way beyond anything weive ever seen on Star Trek. Itis coming soon to all our phones and computers.

Jeff Han Demo