Apple is in Deficit, September 9 Event Needs a Treat

Apple has been in deficit mode lately with respect to customer perceptions. A botched MobileMe launch, perceived problems with the iPhone 3G, and the endless wait for new notebooks have Apple customers in a bit of a funk. Itis time to really rock.

Appleis event scheduled for September 9 has the title, "Letis Rock." Of course, thatis just a nifty saying that has the air of excitement in the English language, cleverly chosen by marketing people.

But what if Apple decided to really rock? What if Apple has decided that things havenit been going so swimmingly lately and elects to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Don Reisinger suggested yesterday that this will be just another ho-hum event, and he could be right. The author, who follows Apple closely, suggested that Apple would start by gushing over the iPod, booming sales, iTunes store success, then launch some new iPods, maybe an iPod nano 4G with possibly the same old form factor as the 2G, a cheaper iPod touch, [maybe some iTunes store enhancements], and then a band will perform.

Indeed that would be a yawner.

These events really are becoming routine. Has Apple lost its ability to surprise and delight us? Does the rollout of some new iPods for the holdays really merit an "event" to which the press is all invited with eager expectations?

Fall is in the air. School is starting. The nation is hurting economically, but distractions give us hope. Weire still feeling the uplift from the American champions in Beijing. The crisp air of the U.S. Open in New York has tennis fans swooning. College and NFL football are kicking off. Weill be electing a new president. Thereis a sense of renewal this time of year.

Hey, Apple. Times are tough. We donit need another disappointment.