Apple's Home Page TiBook Promo May Offer Jab At Windows XP

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a candle is just a candle, but there are other times when both are symbolic of something else. Such may be the case with Appleis current home page promo for the new PowerBook G4 line (TiBook). Observer Kefkafloyd pointed out in our forums that the home movie playing on the TiBookis screen is called "Winter in Whistler." For those who keep up on such things, Microsoftis code name for Windows XP was "Whistler," which leads us to believe that Apple may have been offering a subtle jab at Microsoftis current OS. The image:

The name of the movie is written across the top of the window on the TiBookis screen.
Click the image to see a larger, and legible, version of the image.