Apple's Ive Receives UK Design Awards [UPDATE]

Jonathan Ive, Appleis vice-president of industrial design, received four coveted design awards from the Design and Art Direction (D&AD;) association Wednesday night in London.

Mr. Ive took home the presidentis award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry. The award, chosen by the D&AD;president himself, is described as "perhaps the biggest professional recognition" for Appleis design leader. The award was chosen by D&AD;president Dick Powell.

In addition, Apple received Silver Awards for both the fourth-generation iPod and iPod mini in the iProducts for the Homei category and a Silver Award for the Cinema Display in the iProduct for Work and Industryi category.

D&AD;is a UK-based educational charity working on behalf of the international design and advertising communities.

You can find more information, including a separate photo gallery, at Macworld UK, who first reported the story.

[Update: The story was updated with links to Macworld UKis coverage. - Editor]