Apple's Mac Product Guide Adds New MacAddict How-To Series

Apple and MacAddict magazine have teamed up to offer a new How-To series at Appleis Mac Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is Appleis online list of just about every software and hardware product that you can use with your Mac. The new How-To series is just what it sounds like, a new tutorial on how to accomplish a new Mac task. From Apple:

Weire happy to announce a new relationship between Appleis Macintosh Products Guide and MacAddict magazine. Weive just launched a brand new section of the Mac Products Guide called "The How-to Series by MacAddict." Each month, weill publish a new how-to feature story by the editors of MacAddict. The stories cover a wide range of topics, everything from designing and building icons for Mac OS X to turning your Mac into a multilingual superstar.

You can find the new How-To series from MacAddict at the Mac Product Guide. The first title in the series has been published called "Keep Color Consistent from Pixel to Pixel."