Apple's PowerSchool Unit Releases PowerSchool 3.5 With New Scheduling, Reporting, GPA, & Honor R

Appleis PowerSchool unit has announced the release of PowerSchool 3.5. PowerSchool is a software solution designed to let schools, teachers, parents, and students access information about students online. PowerSchool as a company was purchased by Apple two years ago, and is operated today as an independent group within Apple. The groupis self-titled software has since been part of Appleis renewed push into the education market.

The new version of PowerSchool offers several new scheduling features, enhanced reporting functions, an expanded GPA system, and a new honor-roll calculation system. According to PowerSchool:

PowerSchool (R), the leading web-based student information system (SIS) for K-12 schools and school districts up to 10,000 students, today announced the availability of PowerSchool version 3.5. The new version represents a significant advance in key product features as a result of customer input and PowerSchoolis emphasis on promoting student success.

PowerSchool version 3.5 includes an enhanced Master Schedule Builder with multi-day scheduling, visual schedule matrices, walk-in scheduling and new scheduling reports that schedule course enrollment and include information on room utilization and under-scheduled students. In addition, version 3.5 expands on the already-enhanced GPA system, adding a new integrated honor roll calculation system. The new honor roll system enables simplified searches, as well as data import and export for creating multiple honor roll methods that can be school-specific or shared across many schools from a server. Other new features include enhancements to navigation and security.

Pricing for PowerSchool is handled via direct inquiry to the groupis sales team. Apple says that PowerSchool 3.5 is available immediately, and that updates will be available through current usersi service agreements. For more information on PowerSchool as a group, or on the product, check out the PowerSchool Web page at Appleis Web site.