Apple's Q2 Whisper Number 3 Cents Higher Than Consensus Estimates

Hear that? Itis the sound of whisper numbers being whisked across the ether by folks who know just as much as the rest of us. However, whisper numbers have often proven to be right, and for that reason, we direct you to the current whisper number for AAPL.

For those who may not be privy to this concept, whisper numbers have long been a fact of Wall Street, but the concept went mainstream with the advent of the Internet and Whisper numbers themselves are literally the numbers being whispered around by investors, and sometimes by those who actually know, though we have no way of knowing which is which, on a companyis quarterly numbers. Buoyed by the incredible Bull market of the late 90is when companies regularly beat their consensus estimates, whisper numbers often more accurately reflected earnings. They begin to surface a few days before a company is due report, and Apple is reporting today. Enter their current whisper number.

With 4 whispers posted, Appleis whisper number is earnings of 4 cents per share. The consensus number from analysts is 1 cent per share. Solomon Smith Barney expects earnings of 3 cents per share and offered a possibility of a surprise on the upside of 6 cents per share.

By way of contrast, AMD has a consensus estimate of 33 cents per share and a whisper number of 37 cents. There have been 37 whispers posted for AMD. IBM, also reporting today, has a whisper number of 98 cents, in line with consensus estimates of 98 cents with 7 whispers posted.

You can see Appleis Whisper number at Just hit the link on the left for "Whisper Numbers." Tune in to our live coverage of Appleis Q2 Conference Call this afternoon at 2:00 PM PST.

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