Apple's Ultralab Education Facility Goes To New Zealand

Appleis joint venture with the Anglia Polytechnic University in the UK produced the Ultralab, which has been a mecca for IT and educational research. Apple have confirmed that a second Ultralab will be opening in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to an article at New Zealand news site Stuff, Christchurch beat out other locations in the Asia-Pacific region:

Paul Johnston, general manager for Appleis New Zealand distributor Renaissance, said Apple looked at several countries in the Asia-Pacific region before chosing Christchurch as the location for the lab.

Details on staff numbers and projects are not being revealed but Ultralabis head of development is expected to be announced next month at Navcon 2k2, the Navigating Innovation in Learning conference in Christchurch.

Ultralab projects include the eTui learning toy, the Notschool program for learning-challenged and nontraditional students, the Understand German! language software, and various research projects involving access to education and teacher training.

You can read the article in full at the Stuff Web site.