Applimac Releases New Beta Version Of Clean Text

Applimac has released a new beta version of Clean Text, bringing it to version 3.0b2. Applimac Clean Text is a utility designed to eliminate text formatting for pasting. The latest veta release features an improved interface and simplified use. According to Applimac:

Apimac released Apimac Clean Text 3.0b2 for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic.

Apimac is proud to announce Apimac Clean Text 3.0b2, an application for removing, converting, encoding and replacing attributes from a text, setting it up for other uses. In development for several months, a new public beta of Apimac Clean Text 3.0 is now available for download.

Apimac Clean Text 3.0 is a significant revision of the application that involved a complete rewrite of the code. It sports a renovated interface where the most significant change is that buttons are now arranged in five sections accessible by tab panes (Fix, Convert, Encode, Change, and Replace).

You can find more information about the latest Clean Text release at the Applimac Web site. Applimac Clean Text is available for US$14.99.