AquaMinds Adds Free Browser Access to NoteShare

AquaMinds announced on Tuesday the immediate availability of NoteShare Express 1.0, a free add-on for a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X browser that allows the user to view their NoteShare shared notebooks without a copy of NoteShare.

"This means that NoteShare users can be working in real-time on a shared notebook while NoteShare Express viewers are actually seeing the changes and edits as they happen; all from their web browser," Scott Love said. "There is no software to install. Just simple browser access to view a live, shared notebook site. And all the same security, encryption and password protection to NoteShare spaces and notebook documents are supported in NoteShare Express."

NoteShare Express

NoteShare itself is a desktop application for creating, publishing and sharing media rich, multipage notebooks. NoteShare notebooks can be interactively built by multiple users connected on the Internet. It is priced ar US$149.95.

The NoteShare Express 1.0 add on is free.