Aqueous Software Now Shipping ScrapX

Aqueous Software LLC has released a new app for OS X users, ScrapX 1.0. ScrapX is a scrapbook utility designed for storing various bits of pasted and dragged info. The app is modeled after the Classic scrapbook and supports multiple opened scrapbooks file formats. According to Aqueous Software LLC:

Aqueous Software LLC is pleased to announce the release of ScrapX 1.0, a shareware scrapbook utility for Mac OS X Jaguar.

ScrapX stores, displays, and dispenses content that can be copied and pasted or drag-and-dropped between Mac OS X or classic Mac OS applications. (“ScrapX” is pronounced "scrap-eks.")

Mac OS X does not include the traditional scrapbook utility, but ScrapX 1.0 is a major step in the development of a utility that will have all of the functionality of the classic scrapbook and useful new features as well. For example, ScrapX 1.0 allows multiple scrapbooks to be open and scrapbook items with more than one supported “type” to be viewed in each format.

You can find more information about the ScrapX release Aqueous Software LLC Web site. ScrapX is available for US$10.00.