ArcaneWare Shipping Update For SerialStorage

ArcaneWare has released an update for SerialStorage, bringing it to version 1.1. SerialStorage is a storage utility designed for organizing several serial numbers and passwords. The update features performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to ArcaneWare:

ArcaneWare, a newly founded software company, releases the first update to its first quality shareware product for the Macintosh, for securely and easily storing serial numbers and passwords, SerialStorage.

SerialStorage is an application to effortlessly organize your serial numbers and/or passwords into different categories. With SerialStorageis easy search feature you can find your passwords and serial numbers quickly. Even better, SerialStorage uses very strong encryption methods so that your data is safe.

Version 1.1 updates the following:

  • Adds window menu to OS X version
  • adds edit-select all and file-close
  • fixes bug when user can close the main database window
  • capitalizes "k" in the size column; removes 68k download
  • changes default window size
  • gives preferences menu command key
  • adds separators to menus in Mac Classic version
  • changes references to Web site URL
  • changes version text from before "X" to after "X" (same for the PPC application)
  • adds "Help" menu with "Support..." menu item
  • fixes a major bug when preferences were only saved if they didnit already exist

You can find more information about the SerialStorage 1.1 update at the ArcaneWare Web site. SerialStorage 1.1 is free for current registered users, while the full version is available for US$9.95.