Architectural MUG Passes 200 Members

The good people at Architosh have announced that the User Group organized by their parent company has passed the 200 member mark. The organization is called the Architosh International Web Users Group, and has a specific Architectural bent. Architosh is a great Web site that published news, information, opinion, and tips about Mac related architectural happenings. According to BritasMedia, the parent of Architosh [please note that we normally strip out fluff quotes from press releases, but in this case the quotes have pertinent information]:

BritasMedia, the developer and producer of the Web site today announced that they have exceeded 200 members in the Architosh International Web Users Group (AIWUG), an international listing of Macintosh-based CAD professional services firms, individual professionals and design schools. The AIWUG Members Listing primarily consist of Mac-based architecture firms from around the world but also includes engineers in AEC fields, 3D professionals, technical CAD professionals and a new growing listing of design schools who use the Mac.

"The AIWUG program is a premium asset at," said Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architoshis architect founder and editor. "It is extremely valuable to our professional readers to see others who really love being on the Mac in their field, be it architecture or something else. Our readers like the ability see which firms use which CAD platform, where they are located, and how to contact them for professional purposes."

The AIWUG program is for Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC professionals and students who wish to pledge their support of the Mac OS platform in their technical design field. It is open to both firms, individual professionals, teachers, students and design schools.

Over the year 2001 the program will evolve into offering services to members that strategically extend on the benefits members currently have and have asked for.

"In the fullness of time we hope the AIWUG will grow into active user groups with organizational structures," said site founder Anthony Frausto-Robledo. "The Architosh™ brand name has become synonymous with Macintosh CAD on the Internet and we will openly license it for free for those wishing to create local or regional AIWUG chapters that extend and draw on this large community."

"Whatis important is that Mac-based CAD and 3D users stick together as a group for collective benefit," said Mr. Frausto. "Architosh has been there for these users since 1999, a time when most in the CAD world had come to believe the Mac was surely dead. Users have told us that before discovering Architosh they believed they were the last ones on the Mac in CAD and would have, eventually, switched to Windows."

Today we are proud to say that we help switch users to Macintosh from Windows each month and keep others from defecting by providing answers and technical resources in CAD/3D/AEC for Macintosh. Although seemingly small in number, the 200 AIWUG members represent some of the largest and most talented professional architecture, CAD and 3D firms in the world. To learn about them visit their firm Web sites in the lists.

You can find more information on the AIWUG at Architoshis Web site.