Are We Ready For a 'W'?

According C|Net Newsi John Spooner, Sony will introduce to US markets the iWi, an all-in-one PC that is popular in Japan. The PC looks like one of those failed Web appliances that occupied store shelves a year or two ago. The C|Net News article describes it:

The Japanese company (Sony) plans to unveil its popular Vaio W all-in-one desktop--previously available only in Japan--to consumers in the United States, according to sources. The machine joins Sonyis new lineup of multimedia-oriented Vaio desktops.

The Vaio W is a small PC that incorporates a keyboard that flips up to create more desk space, covering half of the Wis 15-inch, horizontally mounted screen. The portion of the screen that remains visible can display either a clock or a music menu. Similar to Gatewayis new Profile 4, the Vaio Wis internal components, such as its processor, are mounted behind the screen.

The W will go on US store shelves in time for the Christmas buying season. Stop by C|Net News and read the full article titled Whatis a W? Sony shows the U.S..