Are You a Right Clicka or an iBook Flippa?

Are you a "right clicka," or an "iBook flippa?" This eloquent question has been asked by Beau-J & Furia in a song and music video called "Mac or PC" that brings together the worlds of White Rap, YouTube, and the resurgent Mac vs. PC rivalry.

Appleis "Get a Mac" videos featuring John Hodgman and Justin Long have inspired a host of (mostly bad) spoofs, parodies, and fan copies, but "Mac or PC" doesnit follow in those footsteps. Instead, Beau-J & Furia have put together an original song and video composition that is clever, and offers surprisingly high production value.

The song is also available on iTunes in the forum of a US$.99 single or a $4.95 EP that includes four remixes and other versions of the song. The video is being hosted on YouTube, Yahoo! Videos, and other sites.

It has also elicited a firestorm of Mac and PC verbal partisanship in the comments at YouTube, the likes of which havenit been seen in a long time. For instance, did you know that Microsoft gave Apple "billions" of dollars, saving the company from bankruptcy? YouTube readers apparently do! Just as interesting and accurate was the note about how Bill Gates wrote Office (by himself, apparently) when he worked at Apple.

"Iim a right clicka" screenshot from "Mac or PC."

"Iim an iBook flippa."