Ars Technica Posts An Apple Year In Review

In a few hours, 2003 will be history. As is typical during this time of year, people look back on the events of the past 12 months to get a bit of perspective; to see where they have been and where they are heading. News sites are also replete with reviews of people, companies, or anything of interest, so, of course youill get a report or two detailing Appleis doings.

One such report comes from Ars Technica, which has posted a rather in-depth look at the highlight and lowlights of the crew at 1 Infinite Loop. Hereis a bit of the article titled, Mac.Ars takes on 2003: the year in review:

2003 was a big year for Apple, and arguably its most successful in over a decade on a number of metrics. Appleis stock hit its highest point since May 2002, and after spending most of the rest of that year and first part of 2003 in the US$13-17 range, is now comfortably above US$20. Apple also said goodbye to one of its CPU stalwarts which had been in its lineup since 1997 ? the G3. 2003 also looked like the beginning of the end for the oft-maligned G4 processor family for Apple with the long-awaited introduction of the G5 (PowerPC 970). Finally, Apple played a large role in the reinvigoration of the online music sales market with its launch of the iTunes Music Store in April. This week, Mac.Ars looks back on Appleis 2003 ? the good, the bad, the ugly ? and looks ahead to what 2004 might hold for Apple.

The article is divided into categories; Pro Desktops, Consumer Desktops, Pro Laptops, Consumer Laptop, Software and Gadgets (which takes a look at apple software, like iLife and Panther, and things like the iPod). Thereis a rather complete synopsis of the happenings in that category for the past year, and a prediction of what may come next year. After each of these section is a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" rating. While itis a lengthy read, it is well worth the time, so stop by Ars Technica for the full article.