"Art On The Mac" Night On Your Mac Life

Itis Wednesday, and that means itis time for another edition of Your Mac Life. Your Mac Life is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the tradition of a radio talk show hosted by Shawn King. The theme of tonightis show is Art on the Mac, and the guests include Daryl Wise, Scott Kelby, Bert Monroy, and Brian Greenstone. From Your Mac Life:

Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology and Marathon Computer, is having another show built around a theme - this week, itis "Art on the Mac".

Shawnis guests are all very well known in the Macintosh Artistic Community. Daryl Wise is the Curator of the Digital Art Gallery Contest. Daryl will talk about the contest and how you can enter your work.

Scott Kelby is an award winning author and Editor in Chief of Mac Design magazine, *the* print resource for digital artists.

Bert Monroy is one of the reasons why Photoshop is such an amazing app, having been involved in its creation from the very beginning. He is also a Speaker at the upcoming MACWORLD Conference and Expo in New York this July.

And a guy whose games are artistic, Brian Greenstone of Pangea software, will have a *big* announcement when he appears on Your Mac Life with Peter Cohen!

The show will be filled out with your e-mails, phone calls and lots of prizes from Griffin Technology, Marathon Computer and CompanyStuff.com!

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You can tune into the show by visiting the Your Mac Life Web site at 9:00 PM EDT.