Asante Hardware Now At RadioShack

Asante and RadioShack have teamed to offer Asanteis products at RadioShackis retail locations. Combined with the cable and DSL services that RadioShack is also offering, Asanteis products will make it easier for new users to enjoy the benefits of home broadband access. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies today announces that RadioShack will make it easier than ever for home and office consumers to enjoy high-speed Internet connections. Asant? Technologies will provide the award-winning Asante FriendlyNET Cable/DSL routers to RadioShack to capture the exploding market of consumers seeking a trustworthy, plug-and-play, Internet connection for their home and office.

Complete solutions
With breakthrough simplicity, Asante and RadioShack are demystifying broadband connectivity for the masses: Consumers can visit online or call the Commercial and Industrial sales hotline to purchase Asante networking products. The key component is the Asant? FriendlyNET Cable/DSL router, and it has been praised for its ease of use, advanced security, and performance.

Wilson Wong, CEO and President of Asante, added, "As the nationis largest consumer electronics retailer, RadioShack will make it easy for consumers to order Asante networking products from anywhere in the world. With more than 7,100 stores and dealers, RadioShack sells more electronics parts and accessories than any other retailer. It is estimated that 94 percent of Americans live or work within five minutes of a RadioShack store or dealer.

Asanteis products are available at RadioShack online or in stores. You can find more information at the Asante Web site.