Asante Introduces Upgradeable Wireless Router

Asante has introduced a new wireless router, the FriendlyNET FR3002AL. Designed specifically for home and small business use, the new FriendlyNET router allows multiple users to share a wireless Internet connection. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies today announced the release of FriendlyNET FR3002AL, a new upgradeable wireless router. It provides secure, affordable wireless networking so that homes and small businesses can share high-speed Internet service. In addition, the wireless router uses Asanteis award-winning interface, which allows easy configuration and contains simplified, context-sensitive menus.

Unlike other wireless routers, the FR3002AL was specifically designed for flexibility, so users can grow their network when needed. An integrated 2-port Fast Ethernet switch provides the fastest local connections. When directly connecting two computers in the home (todayis most popular home network configuration), the switch moves network traffic at up to 100 Mbps (200 Mbps in full duplex mode)--ideal for backing up data from a notebook to a desktop machine.

As network needs grow, users may add 10/100 switches to connect up to 253 people over standard Fast Ethernet cabling; via Asanteis convenient stacking architecture, only minimal space need be used. When users want wireless support, they simply plug an Asante AeroLAN PCMCIA adapter into the router to begin talking with other 802.11b compatible devices--including Appleis AirPort. A built-in print server contains support for most Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Pricing for the FriendlyNET FR3002AL Wireless Cable/DSL Router starts at US$199. You can find more information at Asanteis Web site.