Asar Releases Hogwasher 4.0

Asar has released a new version of Hogwasher, bringing it to version 4.0. Hogwasher is a usenet utility designed for the download and viewing of news material. The latest release features support for multiple user accounts and MP3Concept trojan protection. According to Asar:

Asar today announced the immediate availability of Hogwasher 4, a Usenet Newsreader and Email client for the Mac. Hogwasher works natively with OS X as well as with OS 9 and handles all common encodings including yEnc.

Features in version 4:

  • Hogwasher 4 is a breakthrough product, setting a new standard for Mac Newsreaders. It is the first Mac Newsreader to offer Multi-Account Article Assembly.
  • Protection from the MP3Concept Trojan when Downloading
  • Extensive Online Documentation
  • Improved Speed and Robustness
  • Multi-pane User Interface

Other significant enhancements in Hogwasher 4 include: an enhanced Email Client; List-Serve Threading; more powerful Filtering; built-in Spell-checking; enhanced Archives; In-Line image display; support for X-Faces; and a "Snippit" feature for frequently typed items.

You can find more information about the latest Hogwasher release at the Asar Web site. Hogwasher is available for US$49.00.