Ask The Magic Aquaball

Observer Armando Santana dropped us a note about a cool waste of time he just put up at his own Web site. Itis an Aquafied Magic 8 Ball that he is calling the Aquaball. From Armando:

OK, I donit know how cool it is, but it can be a waste of time. I just posted something I call the Aquaball to my Web site. Itis basically an "Aquafied" glowing Magic 8 Ball.

I was going to put it up right before the Paris Expo so visitors could ask the Aquaball questions about Appleis future and Rumor questions, but I decided to put it up early.

Should you waste some time checking it out? Signs point to "yes."

Thanks to Observer Santana for the note! If you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.