Aspyr Announces Three New Titles, Shogo Demo Hits

Aspyr has bombed us with some great news in their news letter, which dropped into our mailbox with an audible thud, full of potentially great Mac Gaming.

The best news is that Duane Johnson, the guy who works at NASA doing docking simulations by day and makes Mac Games by night, is working hard for Westlake Interactive to port Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Duane is best known for his job with GraphSim, converting Descent 3 (released last year) to the Mac. Expect to see Voyager: Elite Force released by Christmas.

Other great news is that The Sims Livini Large is in the process of conversion as well, and according to Aspyr is right around the corner from completion. This is great news for all you Sims addicts who canit get enough of this incredibly unique title. Phil Sulak began work on the expansion right after finishing The Sims, so you can expect the finished product very soon. You can place your pre-order at .

The third and final title that Aspyr revealed is Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, a highly acclaimed, beautifully rendered driving game that will fill the obvious void on your favorite software storeis shelves. While the newsletter did not give out details on a date for release, they did hint that it would be coming soon.

Other Mac Gaming News Today

Hyperion Software released the Shogo: Mobile Armoured Division Demo for the Macintosh today. You can download it at Hyperion is also working hard on a linux and Amiga version of the game, simultaneously with the Mac version, and informed us that they would be releasing the demo for each of these respective platforms. 

Hyperion is also busy porting Soldier of Fortune, by Raven Software, over to the Mac, and is scheduled for a December release.