Aspyr Brings The Sims To Mac OS X

Aspyr has released a Carbonized update for their smash gaming hit, The Sims. The update brings The Sims to version 1.1.4, and adds full OS X compatibility for the title. There are still not that many great game titles available for OS X, and the addition of The Sims is a welcome one. According to information about the update provided by VersionTracker:

Whatis new in this version:

  • Fixed a problem with some skin textures having bad colors under MacOS 9.1 and later
  • Worked around a QuickTime music bug where coming out of Pause mode would occasionally crash the Mac OS
  • Fixed a problem with a low-level sorting algorithm which would cause long lists of floor tiles to "jump around" when you selected them in Build Mode
  • Fixed multiple PC bugs in the Sims IsoRect and SpriteListInfo classes
  • Tweaked the low-level hardware timers to avoid counter wrapping
  • Fixed two memory trashers: one when converting directory IDs to full path names, the other when initializing the Westlake libraries
  • Made some minor tweaks to low-level mouse button handling and cursor screen pinning
  • Fixed a minor problem when shutting down the sound system
  • Fixed a problem with some German translation text
  • Fixed a minor problem in the Mac credits

Personality and good looks give each Sim a unique appearance and lifestyle. Keep Sims happy as swinging singles or loving parents. Choose careers, make friends, fall in love, argue with the neighbors, or shoot hoops in the backyard. Build the home of your dreams, buy over 150 different items to add and enhance your Simis life. Create an endless variety of character and family. Exchange photo albums and family stories with gamers from around the world. Take care of your Sims or theyill fend for themselves.

The Sims is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Aspyr Web site.