Aspyr Offers Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection for Pre-Order

Previously available as separate releases, Zoo Tycoon and its Marine Mania and Dinosaur Digs expansion packs have been assembled in Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection. Aspyr has the US$49.99 package available now for pre-order. In Zoo Tycoon, players build, manage and maintain a zoo featuring more than 200 animals, attraction and buildings. They decide where to build exhibits and how to decorate them, along with which animals to house there. The animalsi happiness depends on the size of the exhibit and whether the plants and rocks it contains are best-suited to their needs.

Players must also hire and fire staff, making sure the zoo is well-maintained and visitors are happy. No one wants to see the walls of the lion exhibit deteriorate, sending the animals to run amok in the zoo. Unless, of course, that is part of the playeris plan. Players can also determine ticket and concession stand prices and watch their cash flow rise or fall, depending on the happiness of the zoo visitors.

Marine Mania adds killer whales, manta rays and other aquatic creatures, along with many water-based attractions that turn the zoo into a version of Marine World. Dinosaur Digs brings over 20 prehistoric beasts, including the fearsome T. Rex and lumbering brontosaurus, to the mix, along with 100 building materials and six gameplay scenarios.

Aspyr will ship Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection in August. System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2.8 (v10.3.4 recommended), a G3 or better processor running 233MHz or faster (400Mhz recommended), 128MB RAM (256MB recommended), 1.2GB free hard drive space, 16MB video RAM and a CD drive.

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