AstroSquid Sets Its Sites On Earth

Lost Minds has released a new game for Mac gamers, AstroSquid. AstroSquid is an arcade style game featuring a squishy alien spaceship on its way to destroy Earth. The side-scrolling gameplay objective is to destroy enemy craft and scenery while scoring points. According to Lost Minds:

We at Lost Minds are proud to announce the release of our latest shareware game, AstroSquid.

The game is the first release using our new OpenGL based sprite-engine that allows for high performance graphics with real-time scaling and anti-aliasing.

Take the role of a purple alien thing that kinda looks like a squid and pilot your way towards Earth in a quest to destroy mankind. Causing lots of destruction along the way is of course a way to make the trip less dull.

You pilot your purple jelly craft in a classic sidscrolling space shooter, destroying enemy crafts and scenery as well as picking up weapon power-ups and extra lives along the way.


  • Smooth scaling, transparacies and anti-aliased sprites
  • A whole bunch of sidescrolling arcade space shooter levels
  • Multi-channel stereo panning sound
  • Four weapon systems each with four upgrade levels and a special attack
  • Lots of explosions and particles
  • Original Mp3 music soundtrack
  • Really unexpected ending

You can find more information about the AstroSquid release at the Lost Mind Web site. AstroSquid is available for US$10.00.