Audio Hijack Pro Now Shipping

Rogue Amoeba has released Audio Hijack Pro 1.0. Audio Hijack Pro is an audio player designed for custom sound embedding and capturing. The Pro version expands on the basic feature set with enhanced timers and DSP effect creation. According to Rogue Amoeba:

Rogue Amoeba Software burst onto the Mac OS X scene with the release of their first product, the audio grabbing/ enhancing utility Audio Hijack.

Now Rogue Amoeba is unveiling Audio Hijack Pro, and itis bound for great things!

Audio Hijack Pro is an enhanced version of Rogue Amoebais flagship product Audio Hijack, with all the features of the original and much, much more. MP3 recording, enhanced Timers, and the ability to hijack running applications are just the beginning.

AH Pro also includes the ability to pause recordings, the power to create sets of DSP effects called Patches, support for up to 100 VST and/or AudioUnits plugins at a time, and more. AH Pro even supports some Classic VST plugins which havenit been updated for OS X!

You can find more information about the Audio Hijack Pro at the Rogue Amoeba Web site. Audio Hijack Pro is available for US$30.00.