August 21st, 2000

There are lots of great articles, and some really bad ones, on the Internet. Though we link to all of them at MacOS News Around The Web, some of them deserve special mention here. Most of what we will mention within these pages will be among the best, but on occasion we will talk about articles that are so bad or so wrong we just have to say something. Consider them mini-editorials on our part about things we think you might also be interested in.

Best [1:00 PM] The MacJunkie - Adobeis "Tabbed" Lawsuit
Has anybody else been following the story about Adobe suing Macromedia for using tabs as part of their product interface design? We think the whole thing is pretty ridiculous, but we found an article that does a pretty fair job at giving you the low-down, and explainig why Adobe if off its rocker. Our favorite quote from the article:

Finally, Adobe and Macromedia have been volleying features for years. Just look at Freehand and Illustrator. Each has many similar features and many different ones. Yet we never hear about any issues with patents there. It makes me wonder if Adobe has some other purpose to picking this particular time to attack Macromedia.

This one is going to be interesting to follow as it plays out. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

Best [1:00 PM] CreativeMac: Talkini Smack: The Way of the Mac - A guide to surviving the end times
You thought that once the whole Y2K thing passed, you wouldnit have to worry about the end of the world for awhile, right? Wrong. There are many OTHER signs out there, short of it actually raining cats and dogs, pointing to the end of the world. Or, to the end of the world as we know it. This article talks about how to survive total Windows domination and lend some stability to an otherwise bass akwards planet. Our favorite quote from the article:

Youid have to be blind not to see the signs. Fires. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Cows being born with two heads. The moon turning blood red. Tobacco prices skyrocketing. The coming together of Britney Spears and Nsync. Truly these are the end times.

And, our other favorite quote, this one referring to Mac user propaganda techniques:

Here are some slogans I think will work:

  • Windows users want to kill your children!
  • The Macintosh will save Social Security and reduce the national debt without raising taxes!
  • Microsoft: The "soft" stands for "soft on crime."
  • If Hitler were alive today, heid be a Windows user.

If you have not figured it out, this article is totally tounge-in-cheek, but it is pretty dang funny. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

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