Automated Workflows Releases FileMaker Email Importer

Automated Workflows has released a new app for Mac users, "Mail to FileMaker Importer". "Mail to FileMaker Importer" is an Apple Script utility designed for importing mail from OS X directly into a FileMaker database. The app features user defined configuration. According to Automated Workflows:

Automated Workflows announced today that "Mail to FileMaker Importer" is now available.

"Mail to FileMaker Importer" is an AppleScript-based application that can be used to automatically import email data from OS Xis email client, "Mail", into a "FileMaker Pro" database. Through the applicationis interface, users can easily configure the database and fields to be used for importing. A sample "FileMaker Pro" database is supplied with the script for users that do not have a custom database available.

"Mail to FileMaker Importer" can be configured to import the selected messages in the current mailbox, or all messages in a specified mailbox. If specified, messages will be filed into a destination mailbox after they have been imported.

You can find more information about the "Mail to FileMaker Importer" release at the Automated Workflows Web site.