Automatic Duck Releases Pro Import AE From IBC

Automatic Duck has released a new app for Mac users from the IBC expo in Amsterdam. Pro Import AE is a utility designed for transferring timeline data and layers directly into After Effects for graphics compositing. The app features timeline reconstruction of keyframes and full audio importing. According to Automatic Duck:

Gone are the days of lengthy export/import procedures to get your ideas into After Effects. No more must you export each clip from your timeline individually! Gone are the pages of notes describing each transition and effect so you can tediously reconstruct your layers the correct way in After Effects. Forget the hours youid spend in the ugly process.

With Pro Import AE for Adobe After Effects, all that time-consuming drudgery is a thing of the past. Importing an OMF? composition from Avid? or Final Cut Pro* takes just seconds, importing all your media and clips in one step. Supported effects are translated and recreated for you, your timeline is recreated as a composition in After Effects, ready for you to take your vision to the next level.

And when Pro Import AE 3.0 ships later this year, you will also be able to import Apple Motion projects and Final Cut XML files! Pro Import AE just keeps getting better!

You can find more information about the Pro Import AE at the Automatic Duck Web site. Pro Import AE is available for US$495.00.